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Rap Game Logan Lerman

Just got back from what might have been the most fun concert I’ve ever attended. of Montreal and Wild Moccasins at the Cox Capitol Theatre was absolutely incredible.

Top Left: Limited edition 2014 of Montreal & Wild Moccasins tour poster (signed by Kevin Barnes, Rebecca Cash, Bennett Lewis, and all of Wild Moccasins)

Top Right: Wild Moccasins “Gag Reflections” poster (with personal message from Zahira Gutierrez “To Jackson! Be Free <3 Zahira”)

Middle Left: Wild Moccasins set list (Zahira Gutierrez’s handwritten setlist)

Middle Right: of Montreal set list (from Kevin Barnes)

Bottom Left: Zahira Gutierrez & me

Bottom Right:Kevin Banres & me

  • 19 January 2014
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