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Rap Game Logan Lerman

Dorm Room Buckets Ep. 3: Triple Wall Score (feat. “Flowers (Instrumental)” by J Dilla)

Dorm Room Buckets Ep. 2: Top Bunker (feat. “Drop (Instrumental)” by J Dilla)

Dorm Room Buckets Ep. 1: Standard (feat. “Water” by Jamaican Queens)

Got my senior yearbook the other day.

I’m legitimately hyped for Interpol’s new album, El Pintor, based off of the lead single “All The Rage Back Home” and this new offering, “Ancient Ways.” Look for the new album Sept. 8/9.

First Day Of College

This lady:

Anyone who read the summer reading, raise you hands.

*people raise hands*



JJ DOOM (MF DOOM x Jneiro Jarel) | “Guv’nor”

As far as music videos go… this one is up there.

“Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry ask the dumb hottie
Masked pump shotty, somebody stop me
Hardly come sloppy on a retarded hard copy
After rockin’ parties he departed in a jalopy
Watch the droptop papi
Known as the grimey, limey, slimy, try me, blimey
Simply smashing in a fashion that’s timely
Madvillain dashing in a beat rhyme crime spree”

—   MF DOOM | “Rhinestone Cowboy”
"Slip like Freudian, your first and last step to getting played like accordion…" 

“So it’s not about fame, and fortune
It’s about believing and believing in yourself
And understanding that this life is life
It’s liberty and the pursuit of happiness
And happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time
It’s about loving what you have
So get ready it’s a new day”

—   Asher Roth
Look at this gem I found while cleaning out my desk. A bit late for the #tbt but this was too good not to post. Can’t wait to be roommates with this kid! #Homies4Life
I used to draw a lot.

Cleaning out my desk drawers and I got this flashback to sophomore year. This was a thing I did a lot…

put the book down and call up a friend 

the one who is eager to hear of your sorrows 

who says that the things that you’re doing are not who you are 

take your clothes off and jump into bed 

and search for that happy thought, the one from before 

about how pleasant it would be if people wished they could be like you 

throw your shoes on and hop on your bike 

the cold air is good for you, might want to stop somewhere 

to pray with your friends 

as you search for a love you can live inside of 

lay your heart down and call it a day 

it’s so hard to see you when fear is consuming you 

when will you see yourself? 

try to forgive yourself! 

…you just can’t help yourself…

Michael Cera came out with an album… That is all. Go get it now.