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Rap Game Logan Lerman

“This next song is called “I Am So Sad, So Very, Very, Sad…””

I’m productive at work…

Life As A Dog

I apologize for not updating you, my lovely followers, on new music as much as I have in the past, but life is distracting sometimes, thus the influx of pictures pertaining to my life on here. In any case, this is the best album I’ve heard, or anticipate hearing this year. It’s really all I’ve been listening to for the past month or so. Listen to it,  buy it like I did, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Introduced another friend to Donnie Darko. Blew another mind. aplaceforlivelyhood
*tips fedora* M’baby (at Pizza Hut in Blairsville)
Currently in the…
Use this as you wish.

Use this as you wish.

Georgia is cool sometimes

If you think that Arctic Monkeys’s best album is AM, that’s cool, and you’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re wrong… very, very wrong.

“I only use the manliest of heart emojis to show my affection.”

—   Text I just sent
Hope everyone is having a #WÆVVY summer!
Happy 4th of July! #USA #WÆVVY

“He’s a really cool guy, but I’ve got my life put together pretty well. I don’t need to be reading John Green novels.”

—   Something I just said on the phone with worldofjulius
My signed copy of #LifeAsADog came in the mail! @kflay ❤️


my life is just a collection of poorly made decisions with alternative music playing in the background

(via worldofjulius)