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Rap Game Logan Lerman

Anonymous said: Are you dead?

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not dead. I am in college though, which is sort of the same thing I guess.

A big thanks to ESPN3 for giving me the opportunity to run cameras at football game for Mercer, and a special thanks for the cool trophy! #GoBears
What’s that you say? I’m pandering to my followers by posting a picture of me with a puppy at an animal shelter because I haven’t posted anything in a while? Nonsense.
Another day, another show at the Cox. Very excited for Reptar!
Went to the Macon Animal Control Shelter today and volunteered for a bit. I was very tempted to smuggle this little guy back to my dorm.

Pre-game #GoBears

Real quick, before I leave for class, here’s the staggeringly magnificent new Julian Casablancas + The Voidz track, “Human Sadness.” Tyranny out Sept. 23.

It’s been a minute. I’ve been in college. Here’s a new TV On The Radio song, “Happy Idiot.” Seeds is out November 18. As you were.

Dorm Room Buckets Ep. 3: Triple Wall Score (feat. “Flowers (Instrumental)” by J Dilla)

Dorm Room Buckets Ep. 2: Top Bunker (feat. “Drop (Instrumental)” by J Dilla)

Dorm Room Buckets Ep. 1: Standard (feat. “Water” by Jamaican Queens)

Got my senior yearbook the other day.

I’m legitimately hyped for Interpol’s new album, El Pintor, based off of the lead single “All The Rage Back Home” and this new offering, “Ancient Ways.” Look for the new album Sept. 8/9.

First Day Of College

This lady:

Anyone who read the summer reading, raise you hands.

*people raise hands*



JJ DOOM (MF DOOM x Jneiro Jarel) | “Guv’nor”

As far as music videos go… this one is up there.